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Dental websites need lots of images to be entertaining and fun. We all know that dental sites tend to be too technical or serious, so web designers and developers need to incorporate colors and smiling images to improve the overall look of a dental website.

But there is such a thing as right images and wrong ones. It’s easy to pinpoint the wrong ones. While it is okay to use stock photos on your website, what’s not okay is using the same ones again and again. Other sites are probably using the same photos so what you can do is do a reverse image search on Google. The results will show you just how frequently a particular image is being used on other sites. Try to avoid using the same image because that will not help your website’s SEO.

You can sign up for a premium account and get access to better stock photos. These will look better on your dental websites.

Then again, why not take a day to shot your images? You can hire a professional actor or maybe just an aspiring model who’s a friend or a relative. They’ll be glad to “act” before a camera and have their pictures used on a legitimate website.

But it’s not just about creating your images. You have to create the right ones, too. This means finding someone with an appeal. Your “model” needs to be appealing on camera. He needs to know how to work the camera. Dental websites are always at the mercy of the actors who appear on their photos. Why? Because somehow, patients are highly influenced by what they see on the website. If the model appears to be satisfied with the dental services, patients are more likely to check out your dental services, too.

If kids look happy after supposedly having their teeth cleaned, it could be a good material to persuade parents to bring their kids for a dental checkup, too. Everything you do with the images you choose for your dental websites will have an impact on the marketability of your dental practice.

But there’s another thing you have to remember when creating images for your website: optimization. The images need to be optimized for search engines. That means scaling down the size so it becomes easier for search engines to index them and using the right keywords on their meta description, alt text, captions, and URL structure.