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Unless you live under a rock, you know by now that businesses are closing and people are losing their jobs because of the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. The industry of dental websites is no stranger to the impact of the pandemic. In fact, every known website on the internet has to change its design and message to accommodate the growing concerns surrounding the outbreak.

If you have a dental website and haven’t addressed how the pandemic impacted your practice, it’s time to think about how to adjust your design and content accordingly.

Acknowledge the Pandemic

So many websites make the mistake of not addressing the pandemic and how it affected their operations. Instead, they only explain to their customers or clients that some services are not available or the delivery of products will be delayed because of the current situation. There is no mention of this on dental websites. Your web visitors are left wondering whether you’re operating or not during the pandemic.

That’s why it is very important to acknowledge the fact that your business was also impacted by the pandemic. A short but concise message on the homepage will go a long way toward making your web visitors understand how the outbreak changed your business operations. If you are not accepting walk-in patients right now, tell that to your clients through your website.

Use the Right Colors

Now more than ever, people are agitated, anxious, depressed, and paranoid. They don’t know what the future holds for them. They don’t even know if they’re asymptomatic or not. The least your dental websites can do for them is to create a relaxing and calming virtual space.

What colors are you using on your website? The color red will make your visitors feel more agitated. Green, blue, and other earth-toned colors are relaxing and calming. Use nature-inspired colors because these will calm your web visitors’ anxieties.

Make It Easy to Navigate

It doesn’t need to be said that your website should be easy to navigate. But, it is more important now. At a time when people are confused and anxious, make your dental websites easy to browse and navigate. Make sure your web visitors can find the information they want and need. Make it easy for them to schedule appointments.

Do not let the pandemic affect the way you serve your patients. Even during this time, you can show them that you value their decision to do business with you by designing your website in a way that will help them through this period.