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Local community events are a great way to promote your dental practice. You can raise brand awareness using your dental marketing strategies during these local events. If you live in a small town, parents and the community leaders would seek your help (as they do with all businesses) sponsoring the many events that they do for their children and the locals.

While it may sound like they are soliciting money from you for their enjoyment, think of it this way: people from the community that you are targeting will congregate in these events. They will spend their weekend getting chummy with their neighbors while their kids play minor league baseball or some other sports. What could be the best venue to market your dental practice?

Logos on T-shirts

You can sponsor the t-shirts or jerseys of the children who’ll join the little league baseball team. You don’t have to coach the team but you can sponsor their shirts so that your logo will appear on them. This is a good way to advertise your dental clinic. It would also let the parents know that you care about the community-building activities they do and that they can entrust you with their kids’ oral needs.

Business Cards

A local event is as good a time as any to spread the word about your business. Got a business card? This is the best venue to distribute business cards. Just make sure the details and information on your card are all accurate. You can also include the operating hours of your clinic on the business card so that your patients would know when best to get in touch with you.


What can you give your patients? If you’re sponsoring a minor league baseball club, you can give away free toothbrushes, toothpaste, and pamphlets teaching kids and their parents how to properly brush teeth. The logo and name of your dental clinic should be appropriately placed on the packaging of the freebie.

There are many more ways to show the community that you are supporting their efforts to build rapports and friendships among the locals. Your dental marketing strategies will benefit the most from these efforts because these events are the best venues for you to advertise and promote your clinic.

Remember that as a dental practitioner, your target market is the local community. You must then inundate this market with information about your practice.