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If you’re not spending an inordinate amount of time on social media to promote your dental practice, you are losing a huge opportunity to advance your dental practice marketing and to make people aware about the different products and services that you offer.

Many dentists around America are old-schoolers. They reject the notion of a practice’s dependence on social media and so they suffer the consequences of people not being familiar with their practice.

But the lack of social media presence does not only affect brand awareness. It also affects the overall operations and marketability of the practice.

When no one knows about who you are and what you do, what good would any kind of marketing strategies be? If no one is aware that your dental practice even exists, who will be the target audience of your marketing campaigns?

You won’t be a part of the options

People, no matter how scared they are of dentists, will, at some point in their lives, need a dentist to clean, save, or extract a tooth. Going to the dentist at least once in your life is a rite of passage. If you are not on social media, there is a very good chance your target audience won’t know about you.

And because these potential clients are not aware that you even exist, they won’t include you on their shortlist of dentists to visit.

Customers will find it harder to reach you

Unfortunately, clients would much rather send a message using their Facebook accounts rather than their emails. So if you are not on Facebook, they’ll probably pass on sending you an email from their personal account.

And since most of your potential clients are busy browsing social media, it makes it easier for them to just send a Facebook message to you when they bump into your page.

It’s harder to do promotions

Online promotions are mostly Facebook-centric. These campaigns are made to be promoted on Facebook and Instagram and sometimes, even Twitter. It’s much harder to do campaigns and promotions when you are not on social media.

All your clients are on social media, so why don’t you invest your time and energy into creating and maintain a Facebook page for your dental practice?

Your social media presence is an important component of your dental practice marketing. Investing your time into your social media accounts is worth your time and will fuel patient interest in the future.