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The goal of every dental patient marketing strategy is to get more patients. Because of this, marketing professionals have to check each and every potential lead to see how each one can be used to get more patients. One of those channels is through price shoppers.

Price shoppers are potential patients that shop around checking and comparing the cost of dental services. With this, you already know that they’re in the market for dental services, it’s up to you to make sure that they choose your dental practice for those services. Learn more about how dental patient marketing can convert price shoppers into loyal patients.

Orient your staff

If you’re looking to convert price shoppers into actual patients, you’re going to need all hands on deck, which means that your entire staff needs to be involved. Make sure that you orient your entire staff accordingly on what protocol to take when they encounter a price shopper.

Remember that a price shopper can call, email, or show up in person, so you and your staff need to know what to do when they do contact you, no matter the channel that they use to contact your dental practice. Make sure to practice with your staff to make sure that everyone knows what to do.

Never give them the exact price over the phone

Interestingly enough, one of the best ways to convert price shoppers is to not give them the exact price of the service that they’re interested in. Instead, you can give them a general range of how much they can expect the service to cost and to emphasize the fact that the best way to determine the exact cost of the service would be to have them come in for a consultation.

Talk to them about financing options

Dental services are not cheap, so a good way to convert price shoppers with your dental patient marketing is by talking to them about the various financing options that your dental practice offers, especially for an expensive dental procedure. This is a good way of showing price shoppers that your dental practice offers a variety of financing options that make it easy for them to get the dental care that they need.

Convince them to come in for a consultation

The core of using your dental patient marketing to convert price shoppers into patients is by getting them to come in for a consultation. It is difficult to give an accurate estimate of how costly dental services are going to be, which is why they need to come in for a consultation. From there, you can talk to them in person about availing of your dental services.