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Never has the importance of a site’s mobile-friendliness been thrown around in the world of dental SEO than today. Mobile-friendly or responsive websites display correctly on handheld devices such as iPhones, Android phones, tablets, and others. This makes for optimizing viewing pleasure. Web visitors can browse through and navigate your websites with ease if the sites are designed for mobile viewing. These kinds of web designs will “respond” to any devices—from your iPhone to your 46-inch LCD screen.

Your Audience Is on Mobile

For a second, you may think that your target market is not checking out your website from their phones. But here’s the number: more than 70% of online activities come from mobile phones. People are using their mobile phones to pay their bills, shop, look for discounts, search for new restaurants to try, and yes, look for a new dentist. You are missing out on a lot by not using dental SEO to market your dental practice.

Even at its lowest—25% usage—mobile-friendly websites are still powerful enough to change the tide and course of your dental practice. Are you comfortable neglecting some 25% of your target market? We don’t think so.

And here’s another fun fact: mobile websites need to be up to the standard of search engines such as Google and Bing. These search engines thrive at crawling web spaces that have been designed to respond to all types of devices. They penalize websites that are not designed for mobile.

Many businesses now prefer designing their websites with a mobile-first mentality. This ensures that their websites will respond to their customers’ handheld devices even if there’s a bug that changed the coding. That’s how important mobile-friendliness has become. Businesses are willing to risk their websites not working on laptops and personal computers because they want to make sure these are visible on mobile devices.

Such is the power of mobile-friendly websites that it’s impossible to survive in any industry without it. Not only are websites improving their ranking on search engines by having a mobile-friendly design, but they are also making sure their web visitors have a fun experience browsing the site. It’s also less expensive and more effective than developing a mobile app solely for your patients who need to book an appointment using their mobile devices.

If you’re ever feeling doubtful about the importance of mobile-friendly web design, just look at how you’re using the internet. Where are you checking out your social media feeds? If you’re going to book an appointment, are you still opening your laptop or your phone will do? You will know immediately how important mobile-friendly sites are to any dental SEO strategy.