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So you’ve finally established your own dental practice. You’ve been working hard for a couple of years now, earning patients’ trust and gaining a lot of experience as a dentist. Now you’re wondering about what’s the next step. What should you do next? Working with a dental marketing company should be next on your list.

A good marketing company can help your practice’s marketing to help you achieve your goals and get more patients in the door. If you think about it, it’s quite similar to how you as a dentist would take care of your patients. You would show and explain to them the goals you would like to achieve with them. If you have any other objectives, you would be explaining this to them.

If you want to know more about how a dental marketing company comes up with a strategic plan for your dental practice, check out the list below:

Core values

In regards to your dental practice, what do you believe in? You really need to think about core values and their importance for your practice, as these will greatly help you to become more motivated and to work hard in order to live up to each one you believe.


Whatever these goals of yours may be for your dental practice, make sure that they are measurable. That means each goal should be specific. Your goals should also have deadlines, as this is in order for you to achieve them in a specific amount of time.

Vision and vision statement

Where do you see your dental practice in five years? This is the part where you can concentrate on answering that question. You can also create an outline where it states the direction of your practice, as well as its achievements and its future in five years’ time.


For this, you should be thinking about each goal you’ve considered so far. Which one should you go and achieve first? Which one can you do much later? Since you would have a lot of goals, and not every single goal is equal, it’s important for you to prioritize them. You must make sure to give your focus on the most important ones first.


When a dental marketing company helps your practice create your strategic plans, they often don’t think too much about creating a timeline. Unfortunately, it reflects quite quickly as their plans would fail. As such, it is crucial for you to include making a timeline since this helps you achieve certain goals on a deadline. You should also make sure to include which people or teams are responsible for carrying out certain goals. That way, everyone would know the responsibilities that were being assigned.