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Dental practice marketing can be intimidating, especially when you think about the amount of competition within the industry. The thing about dental marketing is, as a small practice, it is highly recommended that you focus your marketing efforts on a more localized area.

This is because unless you are a large, national chain, your patients are more likely to be locals from the area itself.

Focusing on a local demographic helps maximize the scope of your dental practice marketing. Here are some good dental marketing strategies that you can employ in a local area to help grow your dental practice.

Local SEO

Local SEO is an SEO strategy that focuses your SEO efforts on a more local scale. When people look up specific services like dental services, they tend to include the area that they’re in to narrow down their search efforts.

After all, you wouldn’t go out of state just to get your teeth looked at, especially if it’s a dental emergency. Local SEO helps get your business’ name out and makes it easier to find by local users.

Establish yourself as a local expert

Because you’re trying to appeal to a local community, it’s a good idea to present yourself to them favorably as such. As a dental practice within a local area, you want to be the go-to for any of the community’s dental needs.

One of the ways to do that is by establishing yourself as the local dental industry expert. You can do this by creating high-quality, informative content about dental services and other questions that people have about dentistry in general. You can even appear in local talk shows or contribute a column to the local paper to establish yourself.

Take part in community events

Another good way to establish yourself within a local community is by taking part in community events, either as a participant or as a sponsor. Putting yourself out there as a trusted member of the community is a good way of promoting your business as a trusted local one.

Establish an online presence

Everyone goes online to look up more information about practically anything, so to boost your dental practice marketing, it’s always a good idea to establish a strong online presence.

It could be through social media or a blog, but it’s important to have a strong and consistent online presence to boost your dental practice.

Work with a professional dental marketing community

Above everything else, if you’re looking to boost your dental practice marketing, especially in a local area, it always helps to work with a professional dental marketing agency.

For all your dental marketing needs, Big Smile Marketing is at the ready to work with you to help boost your dental practice today! Feel free to reach out to us through the form on our website, or give us a call at (800) 559-3306 and we can get started on your dental marketing strategy right away!