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As a dental practice, dental SEO and marketing might be one of the furthest things in your mind to keep your business running. After all, you do a great job, and your patients love you. However, the market for dentists is growing every day, with new dentists entering the market each year.

This has made the dental industry more competitive now, more than ever, and customers are constantly faced with the decision to choose the right dental practice for their needs. To stand out, a good dental SEO company can help increase your practice’s visibility and help potential patients find your practice for their dental needs.

Here are some questions you can ask marketing companies if you’re considering having them handle your dental SEO.

When will I be able to see guaranteed results?

Of course, if you’ve hired a dental marketing company to handle your practice’s SEO, results are going to be one of the most important things on your mind.

However, while results are definitely something that you want o see, be wary of dental marketing companies that guarantee results immediately or even promise you the number one spot on search engine results.

Search engine algorithms are set up in such a way that results pages are going to keep changing, which means that the number one spot on search engines will never stay on top.

Immediate results are not something that you would get from SEO either, as this type of marketing is an ongoing process, which means that it will take some time before you see the benefits of this.

Do you have any previous work I can see?

You want to work for a company that knows what they’re doing, and one that has a proven track record.

One surefire way of determining a company’s track record is by asking them about their previous clients, and if possible, talking to them. This is also a good way of determining whether or not a dental marketing company is easy to work with or not.

It’s easy to put numbers up on a website to say that you have a good track record, but you’ll never know until you speak with someone who has had first-hand experience working with the marketing company.

What kind of strategy do you have in mind for my business?

You’re going to want a general idea of what the dental SEO company has in mind for your business, and there’s no harm in asking them.

Make sure that they know what they’re talking about, and don’t give you vague responses by saying buzzwords like content marketing and the like. Don’t be afraid to ask for specific details.

How often can I communicate with your company?

Communication is essential to any professional relationship, and you’re going to want to know how soon you can expect a response to your questions and concerns about your dental SEO strategy.