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The best call-to-actions will bring potential patients to your dental websites. If they find your CTA buttons appealing and impactful, your patients will likely do your suggested action—subscribe, set an appointment, consult, and inquire. This is a key difference between a successful website and one that has a low conversion rate and a high bounce rate.

Take stock of the CTA options on your website. What do these messages tell you? Put yourself in the position of a web visitor. Are you going to be attracted by the messaging? Does it speak to you? CTAs should be action-oriented. The web visitors should know what to do—whether it’s to call, click a link, visit your clinic, or set an appointment. There should be no ambiguity in what you are trying to make them do.


One of the most popular ways to persuade dental patients is to offer “exclusivity” of an offer. If you will be providing a discount coupon for them, for example, choose your most loyal patients first before offering the same discount to your other patients. This tells your patients that the offer is only available for a limited time to a limited number of people. That will make them decide faster on whether to heed your “call.”

Action Words

As mentioned above, CTAs should be action-oriented. You have to tell web visitors what they should do on your dental websites. Should they call, subscribe, visit, sign up, or download? Basically, you are telling them what action to take to get the benefits of your services.


Your CTAs should have a sense of urgency in them. That will make patients want to act immediately because they might miss out on the offer. Words like “hurry” and “ASAP” are very effective in persuading your patients to claim what you are offering.


You may want to personalize the CTAs. Using words like “you” will add a sense of comfort to the CTA. It will make your patients feel like the message was directed at them. They will want to work with you or see what you can offer them.


Your patients are also looking for security. They want to be assured that they are getting value for their money. Through the CTAs on the dental websites, you can offer “money-back guarantee” or “no obligation” clauses to make patients feel that they are not being hoodwinked of their hard-earned money. These words will likely make them respond positively to your message.