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The architecture of your website can bring in customers and clients who can form a part of your clientele. By making sure your dental practice’s website is easy to navigate, you can boost the chances of your dental practice marketing strategies in reaching its goals. Remember the first rule of marketing? It is to know your audience; to define who you are selling your products and services to.

Most dental practices will find older people in their list of clients. These are the baby boomers. The health of our teeth sometimes declines as we grow old, especially if we failed to take care of it through proper hygiene and regular trips to the dentists. This is the reason why most dentists have older people as their patients.

Can you imagine your grandparents navigating the complicated website of their dentist? While we’d like to think that everybody understands the purpose of their website—that it’s not merely their presence on the internet but rather, their primary marketing strategy—this is unfortunately not the case. Many dentists do not capitalize on their investment on their own sites. They leave their websites with the most basic of information about their clinics and they forget all about the important component of any website—constant updates.

Without updates, a website falls into the trap of being static and failing to follow trends that help in the ease of navigation quality that most people look for in a website.

No matter how good your dental practice marketing strategies are, it would not result in a positive outcome without people visiting your website and getting exposed to these strategies. However, people avoid websites with bad navigation like a plague. Nothing hurts a website more than bad navigational elements; when web visitors don’t know how to find the information they need because they couldn’t understand where or what link or button to click.

Remember we mentioned several times in the past that it only takes two seconds for web visitors to change their minds and go to a competitor’s website? The reason is the slow loading speed of a website. Bad navigation also affects the loading speed of every webpage, which means that Google will fail to rank your page and you’ll miss out on attracting potential clients.

When it comes to dental practice marketing, every component of your online presence is important. Prioritize making it easy for your potential clients to access the information you publish on your website. This is the first step towards turning curious by-passers into loyal customers.