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Dental SEO encompasses a wide range of elements and components of a website. And yes, that includes the chosen domain name, too. It is far easier for your target market to remember your web address when the keyword is there. Remember that keywords are based on the search terms used by internet users. A keyword isn’t something you draw up from the air. It is a product of the constant and relatable search terms used on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

But what about those whose domain name was registered decades ago when dental SEO wasn’t a thing? What happens to their domain names now that they could not change it? The good thing about this is now you know whether your website has a following or not. Can and should you change the domain name?

If your website has been static for over a year, it might be better to forget all about it and move to a new web address. Chances are the little market that follows and visits your website are no longer interested to see it because nothing has changed in a year. There are no updates and they cannot find anything relevant or useful. Maybe this is a sign that you should change your domain name and move to another and better website.

But if your current site is still active and has lots of following (even if there is no proper keyword in the domain name), then you need to maintain that and just buy and register other domain names that you can connect to your main one.

Yes, you can hoard domain names for a fraction of the price of your main domain with web hosting with CMS and with security certificates. All you need to lock in the domain name with the keyword you want is to register the names and pay for them yearly. You don’t need a security certificate or a CMS because these additional domains are going to be redirected to your main website, anyway.

While your website can survive without dental SEO on its domain name, wouldn’t you want the same opportunity that other dental websites have when they include the best keyword in their web address? Not only are people going to remember your domain name better, but they will know in an instant what your website is all about. They can decide to purchase a product or service even before your homepage loads.