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The purpose of dental websites is to inform and educate the web visitors, as well as to convince them to make an appointment with the dentist. However, not all websites provide the look and feel of a web visitor’s ultimate experience. They don’t care that their web visitors are having a hard time navigating the site. They don’t care that it’s hard to set an appointment. They don’t care that their web visitors can’t find the information they want and need on the website.

But because they don’t care, the patients don’t care, too. They will not make too much of an effort to find out how to set an appointment with you. If your dental websites aren’t designed to make the process easy for the patients, why would they care to find out how to schedule an appointment with you?

What Your Patients Want to See

When patients visit your website, what they want to see are pictures of the procedure, detailed description of how the procedure is done, additional information they might know they need, appointment calendar, and confirmation of the appointment.


What are the types of services do you render? What kind of dentist are you? Do you do braces? Do you do surgeries? A lot of times, dentists don’t bother to put on their websites what kind of dental services they can provide. This confuses the patients because they sometimes try to make an appointment only to find out they went to a general dentist and not an orthodontist, which is who they need.


Try to detail how the procedure will be done. Patients need to have an idea of how the process will go through considering that most of them are scared of dentists and dental procedures. The more they know about a dental procedure, the less apprehension they will have about visiting your clinic.

Appointment Calendar

They want to be able to make a dental appointment on dental websites, so they don’t have to call anymore. It’s a hassle for people to have to talk to a receptionist just to set a schedule with the dentist. Allowing them to set an appointment through your calendar is the easiest way to get them to see you.


Did their appointment enter the system? How will they know if you don’t confirm the schedule? Send them a confirmatory email or text to assure them that they are all set for that date and time. This is one of the pre-consultation services that you can provide through your dental websites.