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Are you aware that blogs are one of the primary methods we engage with potential clients? Blogs on dental websites have the power to reach out to even the most unreachable target market. For as long as you stay true to the topic you’re an expert on and the subject matter that you are authorized to talk about, your blogs can be a source of great information and knowledge that your audience seeks.

But blogs are more than just a way to disseminate information to your audience. It is also a method to engage with them, reach out to them, talk with them, and influence their purchase decision. It is a marketing effort like no other.

So, how can your blogs be the catalyst for reaching out to clients?

Comments Section

Do not be afraid to open the comments section. What is laughable about other blogs is that they refuse to open the comments section for fear that negative thoughts and reactions might proliferate.

But the fear of not hearing negative reviews will only dampen your power to react proactively. The comments section can teach you more about what your target market is looking for than any other market research you can commission.

This section could be the ultimate test as to how receptive your target audience can be on the information that you share on your blogs.

Response Time

You can use your response time to let your audience know that you are reachable any time of the day; that you are willing to answer their questions and field their reviews, whether they are positive or negative.

Why does responding on-time work well for dental websites? Because those who live a comment will come back to check if you value their opinions and suggestions enough to actually reply to them.

And don’t use a generic response either. Take the time out of your busy schedule to sit down, read through the comments, and offer solutions to problems and issues posed. Your audience will appreciate the effort.

Email Offers

At the same time, blogs will be a good way to collect email information from your clients. If they want to get notifications that a new blog article has been posted, they can leave their email information on your site. Now, this is also a great method to reach out to them and offer them coupons and discounts for a range of your products and services.

As a way to compensate them because of a “so-so” experience they had with your dental practice and which they commented about on your site, you can offer them a discount coupon that they can use on your dental clinic. This will give you the change to redeem yourself.