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What do patients want to know when they visit your dental websites? Sure, they want to know your contact information, schedule, appointment, and accredited insurance. But more than these things, your patients are also looking for stories that will make them understand your profession better.

What are these stories and why do they matter to the patients? What do they get by hearing your experience in dental school and even about your internship? Why do they want to know what kind of environment you have in the office? Will that matter to the procedure they need you to do?


People are always interested in what kind of academic background you have. Where did you study? How did you know you wanted to become a dentist? What are the challenges you faced when you were in dental school? Dentists don’t think that these things matter to their patients, but they do. Your patients want to look at you as a friend. They want to know these things because it will help make them feel at ease with you.


On your dental websites, show them photos and the names of the staff members. This information will help them greet your staff properly when they arrive at the clinic. Having this information will make patients feel more at home. Your clinic will be more than just a place they go to relieve themselves of their toothache. It’ll be a friendly place where the staff members know them by name. Believe it or not, this kind of service resonates well with people.

Teambuilding Activities

Do you make your staff attend teambuilding programs? Do you go on outings? These are the kinds of stories that people want to see about your dental practice. These stories make you human to your patients’ eyes. This information humanizes you. Very often, doctors and dentists can feel so distant. Patients never feel comfortable around them.

You should try to eliminate these feelings by making them see that you’re just like everybody else. You and your staff have fun, too, while in the clinic. It’s not always about serious topics. Showing patients the fun culture in your office will make them feel that you are the right dentist for them.

So, don’t let your dental websites become way too serious. They may end up alienating your patients more than it attracts them to check out your services. A well-planned website will benefit your practice now and in the future.