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When was the last time you switched your phone to the latest model? Just this year, huh? So, if you update your smartphone every time your contract ends and your mobile carrier allows you to, what’s stopping you from maintaining your dental websites the best way possible?

Your website is the first thing your potential clients will see and experience your practice. If you let it go outdated and rusty, you’ll lose every chance you ever have of persuading clients to book an appointment with you.

Update Regularly

When was the last time you put new information on your dental websites? When was the last time you posted a new blog, photo, video, or link? Set your calendar to remind you when to update your website with a new post. At the very least, you should have one blog post a week. Or two, if you can make it. This will keep clients updated about the latest news and promotions in your dental clinic.

Review the Content

Take a long hard look at your content. Maybe it looks good when you’re typing it, but it might not feel the same way when you’re reading it on your website. That’s because even text content should be visually appealing.

Make it a point to use the right language (as if you’re talking directly to the readers) and maximize white space as much as you can. There’s nothing more irritating for a reader than having to look at a blog post with unreadable font style and size.

Optimize the Website

What good would it do if your dental websites are well-designed and the contents are well-researched if nobody can access or find it? If you’re living under a rock the past decade, you should know that SEO is the be-all and end-all of the world wide web.

Optimizing your website ensures that web users can find it as long as they use the keywords for which your webpages are optimized for. Include Google-friendly elements on your website to make it easier for users to find it.

Share on Social Media

The single biggest mistake you can do for dental websites is not to share the link to your friends and network on social media. In fact, you should even ask your friends and loved ones to re-share the link so their own network can be aware that there’s a website to your dental practice.

Engage Clients

Adding an interactive element on your website is a great way to communicate with your clients and find out what they are looking for from a dental practice. You can attach a survey or a poll on your website to get a feel of what your clients need.