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When it comes to designing dental websites, there are some things you need to put your minds on. For example, why would a customer want to visit your website and stay there? What can they find there? Put yourself on the shoes of a dental customer. What are you going to look for on a dental website?

The first thing that people look for is information about the dental practice—where it is located, what the contact number is, what services are being offered, how much are the fees, whether it accepts dental insurance, and how to set an appointment. These are the things you need to keep in mind when creating dental websites.

Location and Contact Details

The location of the dental practice, as well as the contact details, must be visible on the homepage. Don’t let your customers go through a series of clicks before finding out how to contact you.

Finding your contact information should be the easiest thing for any client to do. As much as possible, put the inquiry and appointment form on the homepage. Some clients go specifically on your dental websites because they want to set an appointment with you without having to call the clinic.

Making the appointment forms visible from the homepage makes it easier for clients to sign up for it. Also, it saves them a lot of time. You’re also helping those who have a slow internet connection and working with a low data allotment.

Services and Products

Set a dedicated web page wherein you can discuss the dental products and services that you offer. There should be a blog page wherein you can talk about the various services that you can deliver and how skilled and efficient you are in it.

A vast majority of people do not understand that general dentistry are different from an endodontist, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, an orthodontist, a pediatric dentist, a periodontist, and a prosthodontist. If you are a general practitioner or have a specialization, make sure that these are highlighted on your dental websites.

Fees and Payments

If you’re accepting dental insurance, better make that visible on your homepage. Most insurance companies will allow you to use their logos if you are affiliated with them. This ensures your clients that their insurance policies, which they pay on a monthly basis, will be accepted by your clinic.

If there are other fees associated with your services and products, better discuss these on a separate web page. However, make sure your patients know that they can contact your clinic for a better explanation of the fees and inquiries regarding promotions and discounts.