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Traditional media has to take a backseat not only because of the pandemic but because it’s the digital age. It’s the era of technological revolution. There is no way traditional media can compete with new and emerging marketing strategies. So, when it comes to building your dental practice, it’s important to focus on your dental websites and social media presence.

A Powerful Website

In the virtual world, your patients’ first interaction with your practice is through your website. It is the face of your brand on the web. Whether you’re a big name in the industry or a newcomer, it is important to focus on how your dental websites can deliver the services your patients need. Your website must have carefully curated content and a unique design so your patients will distinguish it from the other dental websites.

How can you make your website powerful? It must have, among others, an attractive landing page, details about your practice, industry-relevant data, and your clinic’s contact information. Although you can put your contact details in online directories, your own website will allow you to regularly update the information there. This will help your patients keep up to date with the changes in your practice.

Other dentists feel comfortable not having a website because they have social media pages. However, remember that social media pages don’t allow you full autonomy to update, edit, and adjust the design of your pages. You will be stuck with the same design the platform uses for all its pages. You will only occupy a small portion of what is a massive platform. It is easy to get lost there.

But with your own dental websites, you can change the colors, redesign the theme, update the widgets, and add more if you want. You have complete autonomy over what happens to your site.

Social Media Presence

That doesn’t mean you should neglect your practice’s social media presence. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more are such powerful tools that can make or break your brand. They have a huge pool of audience and influencers that can help bring your dental practice to the consciousness of your target market.

Make sure you are active on social media. When potential patients check your page, they will look for your latest post. If it says two years ago, they’d think twice about contacting you. Keep your pages regularly updated, so that anyone who takes a peek of your page will know that they can reach out to you.