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When it comes to determining the success of your dental websites, conversions are always one of the main determining factors of this. For medical-related websites, one of the main conversions will be website visitors who convert into new patients. Since the main goal of success for medical practices is to get new patients, it’s very important to allocate enough resources to maximize your new patient appointments.

Because of this, if you find that your dental websites are showing signs of high site traffic but low conversion rates, then there is something wrong on your website that is causing your site to fail in its site goals.

It’s important to understand why your site visitors aren’t converting so that you can do something about it right away. Read on to learn some reasons why your website visitors aren’t converting into new patients.

A bad user experience

When site visitors encounter your site for the first time, they already have a certain set of expectations from your site. One of these is how they expect their experience on your website to go. If your site visitors aren’t having a good experience on your website, then there is no way they can effectively convert into new patients.

Not only is a difficult website hard to navigate around, but this also gives off the wrong impression on your site visitors, which tells them that you have very little regard about their experience on your site, which translates to a lack of regard for their experience with your practice in general.

The user experience on your site should be one of the first things you should look at if you find that your site is experiencing low conversion rates with high site traffic numbers.

No calls to action

On a website, a call-to-action acts as a sort of prompt that helps users convert. Regardless of what your conversion goal is, the call-to-action is needed to help direct your users to perform the action needed to convert.

If your dental websites have no calls to action, then your site visitors don’t know where they need to go in order to perform the final conversion. Always implement good calls-to-action to important parts of your site design and its copy.

It’s hard to book appointments

One of the primary functions that your dental site should serve is the ability to book appointments on your site. This is one of the main reasons why your potential patients visit your site, to begin with.

If it’s hard to book appointments on your website, then of course, it will be difficult for your site to get site conversions. You should be implementing a good online appointment program, whether it’s in the form of an online booking system or a contact information page on your website. Make sure that the booking process is simple and straightforward to make it easy for people to book appointments on your site.