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Having dental websites done for your dental practice is now becoming a requirement for the success of your practice. However, it isn’t enough to have a site done for your practice, you also have to do a good job at marketing them. It’s important to differentiate the good advice from the bad when it comes to marketing your dental websites, especially on social media. Learn more about some of the most common pieces of bad advice that you need to steer clear of when you’re marketing your dental practice, especially on social media.

The more strategies you employ, the wider your reach

The most common pieces of advice that far too many first-timers get wrong is the idea that as long as you utilize as many marketing methods and platforms as you can, you can reach as wide an audience as you can. However, this is a classic example of spreading yourself too thin, which can make it hard for you to focus on one thing, which will reduce its effectivity as a marketing tool. Choose a few marketing methods to see which ones work the best for you, and stick with it.

It’s the age of automation, take advantage of it

In the age of digital tech, it is no surprise that everything is easily automated. So shouldn’t you be taking advantage of this? This can be problematic because if you automate everything, you are losing the vital aspect that plenty of online users seek out from the companies they follow online: interaction. It’s okay to automate social media posts, but you shouldn’t be defaulting to a purely automated strategy as online users do seek out that level of interaction.

Stay with the times and communicate like they do

A rather cringe-worthy mistake that plenty of businesses make online is trying to speak the slang of the online generation. Not only does this come off as you trying too hard, but as a dental practice, this makes you seem more unprofessional, and as a result, less likely to be taken seriously. It’s okay to use casual language to seem more personable, but you must never drop your professionalism, especially when you’re interacting with patients online.

Post everything

Another common piece of bad advice is to put out as much content on your dental websites and social media as you can, after all, users like content, right? Unfortunately, users seek out high-quality content, which means random ramblings for the sake of content will not meet the standard for this quality. Take the time to plan out your content to guarantee its quality.