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Dentists should not be wanting for patients. Because oral health is a serious matter, patients should be knocking on your doors regularly. The fact that many dentists are still finding themselves without clients is proof that there is not enough education regarding the importance of oral health. You need to use education as a platform for your dental practice marketing. Educating potential clients is the only way for you to trigger the realization of their need for dental services.

Teach in Local Colleges and Universities

Is there a local college or university near you? Are they offering a course in dentistry? You may want to hold special lectures or apply as a part-time professor there. If you have the experience and the right credentials, you can impart your knowledge to would-be dentists in the future.

This is an important step to advocate dental education right from the start of these future dentists’ careers. You can also participate in school-sponsored events to push for the creation of a local program that aims to help communities understand the importance of oral health.

Do a Show-and-tell

How about go visit preschools and elementary schools to do a show-and-tell? You can create animated videos to show stories about children who are not taking care of their teeth well. You need to let these children know what will happen to their teeth if they don’t brush their teeth the proper way and they don’t visit the dentist regularly. You may also want to ask the teachers to invite the kids’ parents to show them the effects of bad oral health, too.

Participate in Community Activities

If there is an upcoming community program, you can put up a booth or sponsor a part of it. That will give you the opportunity to hold a talk about oral health. Any way you can educate the community about the importance of dental health is a step in the right direction. The organizers will love to have a professional like you in their events. You can use this platform to further your dental practice marketing.

Organize a Free Dental Checkup Day

How about actually doing something for the community and having one day of free dental consultation? That will help you reach out to any potential clients for your dental practice marketing and at the same time, further your advocacies about oral health. This could be your way of reaching out and giving back to the community.