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A dental practice marketing will be easier implemented if the target market it is trying to attract is aware of the dental practice and what it offers. Remarketing, as the name implies, is a bid to reach out to the audience who have already visited the site, were previous patients, and have shown interest in your dental products and services.

The focus of remarketing is to create promotional ads that seek to reignite the interest of past patients and re-attract potential patients who have once visited your website.

One of the methods of remarketing is emailing prospective clients to let them know about promotions and discounts that your dental practice is offering. If you collect email addresses from your patients at your dental clinic, you can use these email addresses to send them digital newsletters, coupons, and blog links.

You can also leverage these email addresses through Customer Match on Google Ads and Facebook. Customer Match is Google’s identity-based targeting approach to ads. It allows an advertiser to upload email addresses to the server.

The algorithm will then create specific advertisements that will cater to the customers. When the customer—using the same email address when browsing Google—made searches related to dental services and procedures, Google will display the ads on the top and the sides of the page.

You can even set the ad to remind the patients of their pending appointments. Or better yet, the ad can offer to set the schedule for a dental service in your clinic.

This method is highly effective, though there are problems associated with it, too. For one, there is fear that the security of the email addresses and other personal information will be compromised. But Google’s fine print made it very clear that the email addresses should be acquired only through “first-party context.”

This means that unless the email address was personally given by the patient and they are aware that it might be used for promotional purposes, you should not use it on Google’s Customer Match.

A dental practice marketing strategy should exhaust all means to connect to its target audience. Remarketing is a particularly important component of promoting your dental clinic because it is reconnecting to past customers.

You are marketing your brand to someone who already had prior experience with your dental clinic. Now, unless they’ve somehow had bad experiences in their past visits, you are in a position to attract them with your brand, promotions, and quality of service.