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No matter what your business or profession is, the most important thing you can do is to provide good customer service to your clients. The kind of customer service you can provide with influence the success in the failure of your business. When it comes to dental practice marketing, customer service is also an integral part of a strategy.

Surprisingly, a big part of the dental industry doesn’t know how to provide good customer service to their patients. Sometimes, all it takes is to hire the right person who can deal with a patient inquiry, comments, and suggestions.

Here are the other things that you can do as a dentist to provide excellent customer service to your patients:

Be Available

There is nothing more that patients hate than when dentists are always unavailable even during emergency dental services. Make it a point to always be available during your emergency hours. If you are fully booked for a day, a week, or a month, announce it on your social media accounts so that your patients know that they should look for another dentist if they ever encounter an emergency. Your patients will appreciate the fact that you didn’t try to make them wait so that they won’t go to another clinic.

Answer Inquiries

Sometimes, dentists are too afraid to say no to their patients when they are inquiring about an open appointment date. Always be responsive to your patients even if you have to deliver some bad news. You will gain their respect and appreciation of your patients if will make time for them by answering their questions, inquiries, and responding to every comment they leave on your social media accounts.

Be Open to Criticisms

Some patients tend to rant on your social media profiles or your website. When this happens, reach out to these patients and try to explain your side. You will find that some of your patients are open to communicating with you on how you can solve the problem they presented on their comments. Do not be discouraged by bad reviews are testimonials written about your profession. These are all part of learning how to navigate the dental industry.

It will take years before you can master good customer service. It will take time. It will require a lot of your effort. It will also demand a lot of patience from you. However, the returns good customer service is equal to a great dental practice marketing strategy.