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Brand awareness, whether online or offline, is pretty similar. The goal is to create beautiful imagery that will attract dental patients to seek out a dental practice or clinic. The campaigns will prominently display the dental practice’s logo, as well as the photos of happy and satisfied customers. In the minds of many potential clients and patients, this kind of dental practice marketing will create a positive image of the brand.

But evidence-backed data showed that online advertising is more effective in promoting dental practices and raising brand awareness. Marketers can utilize tools such as Google Display Network, paid social media (including Facebook and Instagram), blogs, and video ads on YouTube. All of these have the potential to draw the attention of prospective patients.

Targeting Clients More Effectively

One of the benefits of online advertising over traditional advertising methods is that the former can target a specific audience. With traditional marketing and advertising methods, you would hope that potential patients will see an ad plastered all over a building, a lamppost, a street bench, or a bus stop. You would pray and hope that enough people are passing by the street to see the ad post and that when they see it, they’ll be persuaded to check the dental clinic.

But online advertising works more efficiently. These platforms show the ad only to people who will be interested in it. With the use of very specific data culled from several studies and research, ads will pop up on your screen depending on your demographics, age, lifestyles, job, internet searches, interests, and many more. Your computer, unknown to you, is collecting data about your personality. This data can be used to personalize and customize the ads that will be shown on your computer screens.

Ever wondered why Facebook ads are linked to items you’ve searched through Google? Using the sophisticated algorithm of Google, Facebook can tap into your searches to show you ads related to the products or services that you’re interested in. Sounds creepy? Not if you’re searching for something legal and allowed. There’s no reason why you need to hide the fact that you’re looking for a dental clinic near you, right?

Most dental practice marketing methods are focused on traditional advertising that’s composed of publishing ads in newspapers, magazines, and other printed materials. But in the past decade, we’ve seen online advertising grow and obliterate the benefits of traditional advertisements. It’s time to bring your ads and marketing materials online.