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If there’s one rule you should remember about creating SEO-friendly campaigns for your dental patient marketing, it’s to write truly authentic content. You cannot claim to be the best in the industry if you copied your content from other websites. You cannot be a cut above your competition if you cannot offer something unique to your web visitors and readers.

And yet, marketers and even content writers find it hard to write truly authentic topics that will resonate with their audience. Here are some tips on how to write unique and SEO-friendly content:

Evoke the Emotions of Your Readers

Marketing messages are three times more effective when it can evoke emotions from the readers. The only way to do this is to find topics that are personal to your readers. You can use storytelling to connect more with them. Use the right vocabulary, too, that will have an uplifting effect on the readers. The idea is to make the readers feel confident, inspired, and uplifted.

Add Your Own Perspective

There will be a lot of similar content on the internet. How can yours stand out? Add perspective to your message by sharing your own experiences and opinions. You can set yourself up to be the authority in this industry when you are not afraid to share your opinions and suggestions about various happenings in the business. Sharing a personal story to your readers will help personalize the message. It adds your own brand of authenticity to the content marketing.

Brainstorm With Your Staff

You cannot expect yourself to do all the thinking. You need to brainstorm with your staff about the best topics that you can talk about on the blog. What have they heard from their own networks? What are the things they think your market wants to know? What is lacking in your content marketing strategy? Your staff can contribute a lot to your marketing strategy. Never belittle their suggestions.

Share Your Customer’s Story

Have you talked to one of your patients lately? If he has a story to tell, maybe you can ask him if this can be shared with your viewers. No, this isn’t a recommendation or a review for your dental patient marketing, though the effect might be the same. The purpose is to show other potential clients that someone else is going through the same dental anxiety. It is to show others that they’re not alone in their apprehensions. But also, it is to inspire them to take actions that will allay such fears.