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Learning how to listen to your patients’ problems and concerns is one of the things you can do to improve how you market your dental practice. If your dental patient marketing is failing to reach its target market, it might be because it’s not addressing the concerns that your patients have about your dental practice.

There are many ways that you can learn about what your patients think about your dental practice. You don’t always have to commission a survey or make a research about them. A simple conversation with a current patient will tell you what he or she is looking for in a dental clinic. There is always a common denominator to what all patients eventually want to see in a dental clinic. All you have to do is open your ears to their concerns and issues and make a way to solve these problems.

Survey Forms

Put survey forms at your reception area. Make it a point to ask your patients to fill in one so you know what they expect the next time they visit your dental clinic. Take this survey to heart and learn what you need to improve on. You might think you’re doing your best by providing quality service to your patients, but a lot of them will still think that you’re not doing enough. Listen to them. If their concerns are justified, you can always try to offer what they are looking for from your clinic.

Online Questionnaire

If you did not have time to ask your patients while they were in your dental clinic, send them an online questionnaire that they can submit via email or through a portal. This questionnaire will be similar to a survey and its goal is to find out what your patients want from your dental clinic.

Social Media Listening

What does it mean to listen to social media for your dental patient marketing? If you have a hashtag for your business or company, you need to follow that hashtag and make sure you read every post that mentions it. This will tell you what your patients think about your dental clinic. Make sure that the hashtag is personalized and mentions the name of your dental clinic.

They should also search social media for any mention of your name or your business name. Your patients will not necessarily use the hashtag you created for your business. They will still mention your business name on social media, so you should look and search for those rather than depending on everything on the hashtag you created.