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A solid dental patient marketing strategy is necessary for your dental practice, especially in today’s day and age. However, you should be strategic about how you handle your dental marketing, especially if you’re going to be making use of online marketing methods.

One of the most widely used forms of online marketing is Google AdWords, which is a PPC method of online marketing which helps increase your site’s organic traffic by boosting your site on SERPs for the keywords that you’re targeting. However, this sounds suspiciously like SEO, so why should you bother paying for an online marketing method that can be done for free? Read on to learn more about Google AdWords and if it’s worth it for your dental patient marketing.

What is Google AdWords and how does it work?

Before anything else, let’s get into what Google AdWords is. Google AdWords is an online marketing tool that is used for PPC, or pay-per-click marketing. You can bid on specific keywords that you are trying to target, and if your bid is high enough and your ad is relevant enough to the keyword, then Google will determine what your ad rank is and determine how much it would cost you when a user clicks on your ad. This is great for smaller dental practices because it gives them a fair chance at targeting the same users as larger dental practices.

Google AdWords budget

However, even if Google AdWords is designed to help dental practices stick to a smaller budget and give great returns, you have to understand that this will only happen if you put in the effort to strategize accordingly. Because AdWords acts like a form of auction, you are still going to be competing with other dental practices over who gets the top spot. When you set up your budget for your AdWords campaign, you should be allocating your budget on a per campaign or keyword basis, not as an overall marketing strategy.

Is it worth it?

Now, after learning all of this, the main question that may be on your mind is, is Google AdWords really worth it? After all, technically, you can accomplish all of this with your SEO strategy, so do you really need to pay for a PPC strategy for your dental patient marketing? The thing is, as a smaller practice, you can use all the help you can get to boost your practice’s online presence.

Your PPC marketing can work primarily to get your website to a highly visible spot on search engine results, and your SEO can work in the background to make sure that it stays visible, so these two methods are complementary, rather than contradictory.