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When people transferred to a new town or in a new city, one of the first things that they look for is a new dentist who they can trust. How can you attract these new patients to your dental clinic? The answer lies in your dental patient marketing strategies. If you can connect and engage with these new patients, you will have a better opportunity of turning them into loyal customers.

But first, you must understand how a patient looks for a new dentist. How did they conclude that they have found a dentist that they can trust? What will make them believe that your dental practice is the one that they should support?

It’s all about understanding how the patient’s mind works. One of the first factors that they need to look into is how affordable your services and products are. Most health insurance does not cover dental expenses. This means that the patients will have to cover for the dental expenses from his own pocket.

If you rent a high-end office building, it is more likely that you have to impose a high asking price for your products and services. This means you have to find a way to offer your patients practical and affordable financial methods. Whether it is accepting more insurance policies or flexible payment schemes, it will help patients be more interested in availing of your services and products.

The next thing you should look into is your proximity to the patients’ places of residence. If your dental office is somewhere near a residential area, you will have more chances of winning over new patients. However, that also means you need to be more active in community events and the like. Your presence in community events will endear you to your prospective patients. And although it requires more effort and energy in terms of your dental patient marketing, you have a better chance and opportunity of targeting specific markets.

Finally, you need to review your online presence. If you’re really dedicated to attracting the right market for your dental clinic, you will focus on building a website and engaging with your target market on social media. Your website should be easy to navigate and should be filled with information that is relevant for your patients to know. Your social media profile pages should have all the proper information that they will need to be able to contact you. If possible, you need to allow your patients to book an appointment with you directly on your website or social media pages.