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The dental patient marketing industry has seen some huge changes over the past few years. This has allowed dental practices of all sizes the opportunity to appeal to the same audiences, despite a smaller budget. However, even if there are free forms of online marketing available, you should never disregard the effect of a good paid online advertising campaign, especially for an industry like the dental industry. Read on to find out what the best online advertising channels are to use for your dental patient marketing strategy.

Google Ads

When you think of online ads, one of the primary and most reliable platforms that you can use for these is Google Ads. This particular platform relies on PPC or pay-per-click method to help users find your website. This works the same way as SEO, where they make use of keywords to help you rank, but when you choose what keywords you want to rank for, and users click on your site via these ads, that’s when you have to pay. These are great for practices that are on a budget.


Social media is one of the main forms of online marketing nowadays, so it makes perfect sense why social media platforms are starting to come out with their own online advertising options. Out of all of these, Facebook has one of the most versatile forms of online advertising. The great thing about Facebook ads is the fact that you have the ability to customize your ads to target a specific demographic.

Google Display Ads

Google doesn’t only rely on search engines to create ads. Google also has Display Ads which are ads that can be displayed to relevant websites in the form of banners and other visual ads to promote a product or service. Like PPC, you only have to pay for these ads when they get clicked on.


Of course, Facebook isn’t the only social media platform that you can use for your online dental patient marketing and online advertising. Twitter is one of the most effective online advertising platforms because it encourages easy sharing on the platform.

What do I use?

So with all of this information, what online advertising platform is the best choice for you? The truth of the matter is that there is no single platform that will yield the best results. In fact, the best way to have a well-rounded online ad strategy is by combining a few of these and finding the best formula that works perfectly for your dental practice.