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Not all marketers are dental marketing experts. The fact that a dental practice hired a marketing agency does not automatically mean they are getting the service they need and want. Instead, they are looking for a very specific set of skills that their marketers must have. The marketing agency should be experts in dental practices. This is completely different from generic marketing plans that any agency can come up with.

The majority of dentists don’t have any idea about how to market their practices and that’s why they waste a lot of money, energy, and resources in marketing strategies that don’t really work. Until recently, they turn to marketers who do not understand the intricacies of their professions. They offer the same worn-out strategies that have been used time and again in other industries. These may not necessarily work for dental practices.

This is why if you have a dental practice you need to market, the best thing to do is for you to hire someone who has experience in both dentistry and marketing. Many dental assistants can turn their attention to marketing instead. They already have a good idea of what it takes to be in the dental practice industry. Now, they have an opportunity to learn about how to promote the profession and how to attract the right audience.

So, what skills are needed exactly in the field of dental marketing?

Knowledge of Dentistry

What is a root canal? Is it painful? What kind of technology is being used to make the procedure pain-free? If you do not understand the brand, you cannot market it, right? So, how are you supposed to create a marketing strategy that focuses on painless root canal, for example, if you don’t know exactly what it is? You need to have an idea of what makes your dentist-client unique. But to understand what sets him apart, you need knowledge about dental equipment, procedures, products, etc.


How can you communicate the technicality of the dental procedures to your market? You have to know the language that will catch their attention. When it comes to dental marketing, communication is a very important factor for success. The way you craft your message will play a huge part in whether or not your target market feels it’s necessary for them to book an appointment with your client.

Social Media Management

Can a business or a profession survive today without the presence of social media? Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter… these are powerful tools to reach out to your market. They are there; they just don’t know they need to visit your dental practice. Make it a point to understand the different highs and lows of various social media platforms. This knowledge will come in handy in the future.