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We’ve heard success stories on Facebook. We’ve heard people who managed to leave their regular jobs and go full-time on their side jobs after posting an ad on Facebook. Dentists should take a closer look at how Facebook ads can attract patients. With enough research, dental marketing strategists can create Facebook ads that not only drive traffic to the site but actually turns patients into loyal clients.


The first step to creating a successful Facebook ad is pinpointing what your targets are. What is the goal of your ad campaign? What should be the objective of your ad? Is it to drive more traffic to your website? Increase readership of your blog? Attract more inquiries about your services? Facebook lists down a lot of options—from brand awareness and reach to traffic, engagement, and lead generation to conversion and sales.

Audience Insights

Facebook has a way to make it easier for you to understand your audience. The Audience Insights page, however, is tied to your Business Manager account so make sure to link these accounts accordingly. You can choose your audience: everyone on Facebook or people connected to your page. If you choose the second option, you will be able to see a collection of data culled from your followers. That includes, among other things, demographics, page likes, location, and activity.

If the report came up blank, that means you don’t have enough followers yet for Facebook to compute the date. You can check out what other brands have by inputting the name of a competitor on the interests section. This data is valuable to help you target the right demographics.


Some businesses are purely local. Most dental practices are local businesses. You can enhance your geotagging by appealing only the nearby communities. Facebook will allow you to choose from four categories: people living in or recently in this location, people living in this location, people recently in this location, and people traveling to this location.

You can also choose the countries, states/regions, DMAs, congressional districts, cities, postal/zip codes, and addresses to target. The main point of geotargeting is to reach an audience that’s within proximity. Why should you try to market to an audience too far away from your business? They won’t be able to visit your dental clinic anyway. It’s a waste of money and resources.

Finally, remember to monitor your ads consistently. If they are not producing good results, it could be time to readjust your metrics and target audience. Your dental marketing strategies should not suffer because your dental practice will feel the blow.