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If you are not using Google My Business (GMB) as one of your dental marketing strategies, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Since dental practices are local businesses, meaning their immediate market is those who leave near their clinics’ locations, they cannot make do without utilizing the benefits of GMB.

You may notice that other dental clinics are not necessarily focusing on their websites and yet, you’ve heard that their appointment book is filled up. Check them out on Google. They would probably be on the top three listings of GMB.

When you search for dental services such as dental and medical on Google, it will automatically recognize that you need the contact information of these clinics. Google will then come up not only with a list of URLs but with business names and contact numbers.

This way, a user can click on the call button without needing to open the websites of the dental practices. That’s the primary reason why a dental clinic’s website traffic may be down but its appointment book is filled up.

Link Your GMB Listing to Your Website

GMB allows you to link your website to the list. This means that when even the most casual of users check out your listing, all they have to do is click on the button that says “website,” and they’ll automatically be led to your practice’s site. This is especially helpful to websites that do not appear organically on Google’s first-page results but are easily on the top three of GMB listing.

Google Tells Your Audience What You’re Offering

Make sure that your website includes the list of products and services that you offer for your dental marketing strategies. Google can pull this listing and publish the details of your product and service line in the search results. When people search for the services listed on your website, Google will automatically pull up your clinic’s name as one of the options.

Directly Book Appointments From GMB Listing

Instead of having to go to your website to schedule an appointment, your market can instead click on a link on the GMB listing. This makes it easy for any client to make an appointment with you. The easier it is for them to set a schedule, the more likely they’ll visit you in the future and recommend your clinic to their network.

Reviews Published on Google Attract More Clients

GMB listings also offer previews of reviews. This means that when people read others were satisfied with your services, they are more likely to click on the website’s link and consider setting an appointment with you.