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It is especially hard to do dental marketing when you are targeting kids, right? After all, it is a well-known fact that kids are not particularly fond of going to the dentist. Okay, we know no one likes going to the dentist. That, at least, has already been established. But that doesn’t mean that dentists should forego marketing to kids, which also comprise a big chunk of their market.

Making a Friend Out of Yourself

The best way to market yourself as a dentist is to find out why kids are scared of you in the first place. For most kids, the problem is the fear of the unknown. They don’t know what’s going to happen to them on that chair. So, for dentists, the solution is to speak to your patients. Ask them questions. Answer their questions as honestly as you can.

If something is going to be painful, be honest with the kids about it. Explain to them what will happen during the procedure. Walk them through it. Tell them that a little bit of pain is necessary for the procedure to finish. These days, kids are especially intelligent. They will try to understand you as much as they can. Be a friend to these kids rather than a figurehead that they can’t even connect with.

Create a Fun Environment

Kids will love to go to your clinic if they can expect to have fun while there. Make your reception area clean and well-maintained. If possible, put up a kid’s area where there are some toys, books, and a mini playground (only if you have space). Because of the pandemic, you have to keep it well-sanitized. Make sure the parents know that it is safe to bring the kids there.

Give Away Free Stuff

Kids love free stuff. Children can pick out a prize after their first visit to your dental clinic. They will easily remember their first impression of you and the clinic. Try to make a good first impression on the kids and make them your “friend.” Kids will never forget how excited they felt when they received something from you. A piece of candy is enough. It doesn’t have to be grand or anything big at all.

Organize an Open House

When it is allowed, organize an open house for the kids. Choose a theme and host some activities that will entertain the kids. They should remember your dental clinic as a place of fun and not a place that they always fear going to.

If you want your dental marketing campaign to be effective on the kids, you should focus on putting them at ease.