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It’s the year 2019 and unless you’re living under a rock, you should know by now how critical having the right website is for any business. Trust us, your dental marketing should include a professional and well-designed website. Whether you’re using a free website builder or have a web developer create one for you, it’s important to keep your website professional to keep attracting web visitors.

Keep Your Homepage Free of Clutter

Gone are the days when websites seem to compete against each other for having the most graphics and animation. Today, websites should look clean, minimalistic, and clutter-free. Every word and image on your homepage should lead to something. People should not need to read through your whole homepage just to get an idea of what your business is all about. Keep your design as uncluttered as possible and you’ll have that professional look you’ve been aiming for.

Use the Right Typography

Never use Comic Sans for your website. Sure, it was fun back when you were in seventh grade, but forget about it now that you’re a professional. Use clean and formal-looking fonts if you want to sell your dental practice to your customers. This means sticking with the classics such as Roboto, Verdana, Tahoma, Open Sans, and at some point, even Arial.

Here are some other reminders: if your logo has text written on it, use that same font on the rest of the web page. When searching for a font online, make sure that your language subset is included. Fortunately, if you use Google Fonts, it filters out fonts without your language subset.

Post Quality Images

Ideally, you will need to hire a professional photographer and a graphics designer. They are going to find and prepare the photos for your website. However, this is not possible for many companies because it is expensive to hire a photographer and graphics designer. That’s when you can rely on stock images. You can either depend on free sources of these images or you can pay as little as $20 for access to more premium images. Find the best one that speaks about your brand. Some of the best ones are Adobe Stock, iStockPhoto, ShutterStock, Unsplash, and Pixabay.

Optimize the Site for Mobile Use

Mobile users are fast overtaking desktop users. This is especially true for business transactions such as online shopping. Most online shoppers use their smartphones and tablets to purchase items from stores. The same can be said for dental practices. People book an appointment with their dentists through their phones, so make sure your website can fit in the smaller screens of mobile phones.

Making sure that your website looks professional is a form of dental marketing. You are basically attracting patients with the formality and professionalism of your website.