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Are the benefits of snail mail lost on you? When was the last time you sent a mail or a postcard? Do you know that postcards and direct mails are still an effective marketing strategy that a dental marketing company espouses for? Do you know that postcards can subsequently boost conversion rates and lower bounce rates? Direct mail has the power to increase readership and web traffic. It also has a higher return on investment compared to other marketing strategies such as SEO and content writing.


More than anything else, patients want to feel that they are special. They want to be wooed. They want dentists to reach out first. Sending a postcard to a new member of the local community or past patients will show them that you value doing business with them. It shows appreciation. Patients and customers want to know that they are being valued. You can send postcards as a welcome note to neighbors and community members. You can also use postcards to greet old patients or send coupon codes to loyal ones.

Anything that will make your patients and clients feel welcome should be a strategy to invest in. What are the things you can offer on your postcards? Consultations, discounted services, and other attractive offers will bring this strategy to success.


The most valuable aspect of a postcard is the call-to-action, which your postcard should have. This is the action you want your patients to do upon receiving the postcard. This guides the patients on what they need to accomplish to get the discounts you are offering. Tell them what exactly you want them to do. Many of your patients don’t know how to reach you or set an appointment with you. A postcard will teach them what site to go to or which number to call. Make it easy for your patients to contact you.


Patients will remember you better if you send postcards during opportune times such as their birthdays and their appointment schedules. They will remember that you took the time to get to know their birthdays and remember their appointments. This will translate to better sales and recommendations. Patients who experience such excellent customer service will more likely go back for another appointment and recommend your dental clinic to their network.

So, listen to your dental marketing company. Email marketing works wonders. That should be your top marketing priority. But surprisingly, direct-mail marketing comes a close second.