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You’ve already learned that knowing your audience is the best way to craft effective dental marketing. But there’s another thing you might have overlooked, and it’s equally important. You have to know what your competitors are up to. The information and data you will get from knowing your competitors’ best practices, techniques, and challenges will enable you to define a clearer path for your marketing strategies.

If you know what other dental practices are offering, then you can react accordingly by also creating your own unique offers. You can improve upon their offers. You can give better services. You can be more accommodating. You can introduce an entirely new product or service to the market; something that they don’t see too often in your competitors.

The Way They Advertise Their Products

How are they advertising themselves? What are the methods they use to reach out to their audience? If they are offering discounts, improve their offers. You can offer a better deal or products of greater value. This is when competition really comes in. You have to offer something other dental practices don’t. You need to be innovative with your dental marketing strategies.

If They Accept Walk-in Patients

Do they accept walk-in patients? If they don’t, then offer to welcome walk-in patients as long as they know they’ll have to give way to those who made an appointment. You can also offer weekend services by appointment. Another thing that patients are looking for in a dental practice is emergency service. They want to be assured that they have someone to call if they have a dental emergency in the middle of the night.

How They Rank on Google

What is their ranking on Google? When you search for dental services or products, does their page appear on the first page of the results? What about you? Does your page rank better? These days, if you want to attract as many patients as possible, you have to be present on the internet. When they search for the keyword, your page should be on top of the list. Otherwise, you will lose a huge opportunity to reel in possible clients.

What People Are Saying About Them

Check the reviews about your competitors. What are patients saying about them? If they have more reviews than yours, what are they doing differently that their patients willingly leave reviews on their page? Maybe they are offering incentives if the patients leave a review. You can do that, too. Read the reviews. What are the positive things being said about them? Try to emulate these things and improve on the challenges they face.