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The best way to attract clients using dental marketing strategies is to use a referral program that will incentivize existing clients for referring to your dental clinic to their friends and relatives. Think about it. If you are looking for a dentist, which would you trust: a Google search or a recommendation from someone you trust? If you are anything like 92% of consumers, you are going to go with people whose opinions you trust. They trust their peers more than what they read on the internet or even more than powerful ads specifically targeting their demographics.

Here are the three steps you need to take when starting a patient referral program:

Provide A Great Customer Service

The first thing you need to do is provide a great service to your existing customers. You need to impress them not only with your service but with your after-sales efforts, too. You want to provide a great customer service that your patients will talk about in the future or will share with their network. It’s more than just being good with what you do.

It’s sending welcome emails to new customers, aiding them in their dental insurance needs, and offering extra services for those who need it. These little details will get your practice the attention it deserves.

Incentivize Your Customers For Their Referrals

Create a referral program wherein a recommendation from an existing customer that will bring a new patient will get him a coupon for free cleaning. A percentage off the price of their next service is good, too. Most clients will want to use that discount so they’ll take on a dental service on which you will still be paid a fraction of. This referral program is meant for customers to spread the word about your dental practice.

Advertise Your Campaign

After determining your referral program and the incentives associated with it, it’s time to advertise it. Put the ads on your social media accounts and make sure that the ads are well-targeted. Your primary audience is your existing customers. The ads need to target them specifically. But it’s not only on social media that you should advertise because there’s a good chance they’ll miss it.

Bring your ads to email marketing. Send postcards to your customers informing them about the products and services that your dental marketing strategy offers. Keep the offer fresh in their minds by notifying them through social media, text message, and other forms of communication.