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Nowadays, with the increase in popularity of online marketing and digital dental marketing strategies, more and more dental practices are inclined to invest in active marketing, rather than relying on word of mouth. And in the end, that’s what your dental marketing really is for your practice, an investment.

One of the biggest benefits to the rise in digital marketing is the fact that no matter the size of your budget, anybody can make use of digital marketing strategies to boost their presence online, which has allowed smaller practices and businesses to be on the same level as larger ones.

However, it is still possible to overspend on your dental marketing strategies. Keep an eye out for these signs that may indicate that you’re overspending on your marketing.

High traffic, but low conversions

Plenty of people make the mistake of believing that website traffic is the primary goal of any website. However, you should be aware that while traffic is certainly a good thing for your website, conversions are the main goal for any website. It doesn’t matter what kind of website you have, whether it’s for services or an eCommerce site, conversions are the end goal to aim for.

So if you’re paying for dental marketing strategies and you see a spike in your website traffic, many people may see this as a good thing, but if you don’t see an increase in the number of new patients or conversions on your site, then the website traffic you’re getting is of no value to your practice. If you see this happening, then you are definitely paying too much for ineffective marketing.

Not using free marketing strategies

While it is always a good thing to invest in your dental marketing, you should never disregard the effectivity of free methods of dental marketing. Social media and blogging are just a couple of the numerous kinds of free dental marketing strategies that you can use for your dental practice.

If you’re working with a dental marketing company that insists that you have to pay for everything, then you may be paying far too much for your dental marketing. While ads and PPC are certainly effective, they won’t do much good unless you combine them with other forms of marketing, some of which are free to use.

Outsourcing parts of your marketing that you can do yourself

If you’re outsourcing all of your marketing without doing any of it yourself simply because your marketing company says you have to, then you might be paying too much for marketing. There are some aspects of your marketing that you will have no problems carrying out, such as your social media marketing, for example.

If your dental marketing company insists that they have to do everything for you and that you have to pay for it, then you might be paying too much for your dental marketing strategies.