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Why is it important for dental websites to use calming colors on their web design? Why should they bother themselves with designing websites in accordance with what their patients want to see? Unless you are living under a rock, you should know by now that people, in general, have this unfounded and weird fear of dentists. That is why dentists, in this digital age, are working hard to debunk misconceptions about their professions, as well as calm fears usually associated with undergoing dental procedures.

Instead of using aggressive colors such as red and black, go with the calming colors of green, yellow, and blue. If possible, go for the pastel hues or the lightest shade the web designer can do. Such colors remind patients of nature and the environment. They are calming and reassuring. It tells a different story than all the other websites that sometimes scare patients and customers away.

Why the Need to Shift to Calming Colors

There’s a need to shift to calming and relaxing colors because of the year that happened. In 2020, people were forced to stay at home, isolate themselves from their loved ones, and cut off social interactions. Even during the holidays, amid reports of family reunions against restriction protocols, a lot of people decided to spend them virtually. What this means is that people are spending time indoors. They are more likely to check out your website when they need to see a dentist. They are also more stressed than ever before and they will turn to online sites to make them feel calm and relaxed.

How Colors Make Web Visitors Feel

Colors have a profound effect on web visitors. They can either make them feel comforted or they can make them feel scared. Red, for example, is an aggressive color. Blue and green are naturally calming colors. They remind people of being surrounded by nature, thereby putting their minds at ease even when they’re sitting on the dentist’s chair. Yellow is another positive color. They mean happiness. You can decorate your dental websites with any of these happy and calming colors to see how positively your patients will react.

When choosing what colors to use on your dental websites, it’s important to focus on how your patients feel. That is your focus. How are the colors on your site making them feel? How can you calm their fears? What colors would they feel most comfortable being surrounded in?