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A dental practice is a local business. Don’t believe me? Find out where your local dentist was born and raised. These local dentists are integral to their respective communities because they are more personal than out-of-state dentists. They are locally minded, too, since most of them belong to the community that they serve. So, when it comes to dental marketing, your primary target should be the specific geographical area where you belong. This is your target market.

Dentists are mostly dependent on the local economy. It’s actually a way more mutually beneficial relationship than you think—small businesses such as dental practices can give back to their communities by way of service and communities can help these dental services strengthen their presence in the industry.

Attend Local Events

Most cities and states have festivities, carnivals, music fests, bazaars, and parades that get people involved. Participating in these local events will bring more recognition to your brand. You will attract new people and your presence will be of more relevance than simply ranking high on search engine results.


Always find time to volunteer for community activities and projects. Though you are saddled with work, most of these activities will just take a day or a few hours every three months or so. Choose the events that you will participate in and make sure that your target market will be in attendance.

Become A Community Board Member

There should be at least one community board or committee that caters specifically to what you’re offering. In this case, dentistry. Find your local dentist association and become involved in their programs and activities. If you are a board member, you will get access to a ton of events and local activities. You can also connect to similar professionals in the area. You can all work together to help the community.

Partner With Other Businesses

Perhaps, there’s a local manufacturer of organic toothpaste? Instead of getting your supplies from big companies, why not try what local vendors have to offer? By partnering with local businesses, you are strengthening the local economy and making alliances that will be fruitful to your practice in the future.

Hold Public Events

If your dental clinic has access to a larger space where people can gather, why not use that space to hold community events. This way, you won’t have to spend a dime inviting people to your office. There’s a better chance of getting your dental marketing messages across to your target audience when they are already in your building.

Open up your space for a variety of public events such as a motivational speaker and networking sessions. You can also open it up to freelancers and other professionals who don’t have their own offices.

There are only positive things that can come out of engaging with the community that you belong in. It means brand exposure and the increased ability to meet new clients. You can take your dental practice to new levels of success by improving your connection with the local community.