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If you are finding it hard to create dental marketing strategies, it may be because you’re looking in the wrong direction. Since dental practices are considered local businesses, it’s actually easy to see who your target audience is: the local community. Every marketing strategy you will think of should be crafted according to the needs and wants of the community that you serve.

Check out these five amazing dental marketing hacks that will surely bring new customers to your practice and help you retain your old clients.

Local Awareness Facebook ads

Facebook’s Local Awareness ads are a great way to reach your target audience because the ads are only being shown on the news feeds of people who are located in the same area as your dental practice. The new map card can share relevant details about your business such as the address, the telephone number, the distance of the reader to the clinic, the hours of operation, and a “get directions” link. You can even include a call button as your CTA.

Click-to-Call Ads

If your ads are not persuading your target market to make a call, then they are failing in their goals. Click-to-call ads are available on Facebook and Google Ads. This allows a Google user to call your business straight from your ad with just a click of a button. They work on laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

Facebook’s demographic targeting

If you don’t already know, Facebook has an amazing array of demographic targeting variables available. You can select the proximity of the market you want to target, as well as their ages, their languages, relationship statuses, income, employment history, and interests. You can hone in on your target with just a few dollars and a few clicks.

Appointment reminders

Appointment reminders are important to remind your patients to call your dental practice. Using Google calendar alerts, you can streamline your dental marketing strategies more effectively. The appointment reminders are sent through email or text. Google can even set the alarm on your patients’ laptops to alert them about their appointment with you.

Facebook Messaging Ad

Facebook has launched a new ad feature wherein Messenger can communicate with businesses. Advertisers can use the “send message” button as the call-to-action on their ads. They can also list down some of the most frequently asked questions, so all a Facebook user need to do is click on the question and Messenger will send the message to your dental practice. This is a great way to get inquiries, which are opportunities for you to invite potential clients.