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Many businessmen end up wasting their money and energy on conventional dental patient marketing methods simply because they don’t study who their audience is and what kind of marketing ploy will hook them. If you fail to understand how people find your business and interact with your dental practice, you’ll end up investing your money into marketing strategies that don’t really yield results.

Failing to have a marketing plan

You need to draw out a dental patient marketing plan for your practice. Without a plan, you’ll fall prey to many marketing methods that promise positive results without really studying what fits your business. Your marketing plan should answer how many customers you want to acquire in a year and what kind of marketing strategies you will apply?

Not using Google’s local page

When a potential client searches for the term “dentists” on Google, the search engine will automatically display the names of dental clinics available in the local area. If you don’t optimize your page and tie up with Google Maps Listing, you will lose the opportunity of reaching possible customers that may find your practice through Google.

Being on every social media platform

It’s a waste of time to be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and all the other social media platforms out there. Focus on a couple of social media sites that can connect you more effectively to your audience. You don’t need to be a part of every social media platform out there. Facebook and Twitter (and Instagram, to some extent) are the most common and powerful platforms that you can use.

Not optimizing the website properly

If you don’t see the value of SEO for your dental patient marketing, then you’re in big trouble. More than 80% of your potential customers will scourge the search engines for a dentist located near them. If your website is not properly optimized, Google will not include it in its search index and it will not appear on the search results.

Failing to track results

The only way to improve your current dental patient marketing strategies is to measure its success. If you are not measuring the results of your campaigns, there will be no room for improvement and you’ll have no way of knowing if your efforts are being rewarded with positive results. There are many Google Analytics-like tools that will allow you to track your SEO and marketing campaign efforts.