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Your presence online is a good place to start marketing your dental practice. But unlike other products and services that consumers willingly seek, a dental practice is rarely researched about until the patient is literally howling in pain. Your practice needs all the dental marketing help it can get to attract customers and make them understand why they need to regularly visit your clinic.

Introduce Yourself in a Creative Fashion

Nobody wants a complete stranger to go poking around your teeth. Make it a point to introduce yourself in a fun way. Dentists tend to be too professional and too stiff for patients to relate to, so it’s important that you let loose in the video.

Showcase the Culture of Your Staff

You want your potential patients to see that your clinic is unique and it’s a cut above the rest. Why would they want to visit your dental clinic? Use your dental marketing to show them the culture inside your dental practice—how everyone treats each other as family and how the staff interacts with patients before, during, and after the procedures. You could also show in the video how the staff works with the equipment and how they set up appointments.

Do a Video Challenge

Video challenges are so popular on social media that even celebrities and politicians are doing them. This is a great way to show kids that your dental practice can be fun, too. This will put them at ease when they visit your clinic because they already know the people based on the video challenge you uploaded. Make sure that the video challenge you do is something that the kids will love.

Educate Your Audience

Your videos shouldn’t only be fun. It should be educational and informative as well. However, you should not be completely formal in trying to convey the message. You have to incorporate some fun into the videos so that even the kids will take notice of what you are trying to impart. You can break into a rap song or you can use images and graphics to convey the message.

Show and Tell

Keep your patients updated on what’s the latest about your dental clinic with your dental marketing videos. Upload videos on your website and social media profiles that showcase new procedures, technology, and improvements. If there’s new equipment, show how that equipment works on video. If you are renovating the office, you can show your patients, too, that you’re out to improve your clinic space just for them.