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Choosing a dental marketing company is probably the most important decision you’ll have to make for your dental practice. Not only do you need to find a team that can achieve a positive return on your investment, but you will also need to be with a company whose philosophy, culture, vision, and goals are aligned with your dental practice.

What does a dental marketing company do?

It might feel like you’re squeezing the marketing agency, but asking the right questions is important in the ultimate achievement of the goals. Since you are going to invest your money in their marketing company, it is only right for you to let them define what their roles are going to be and how they are going to achieve your own dental practice’s goals.

Anyone who truly understands the important role that marketing plays in the success of a business should be able to answer this question easily.

Who owns the work you do?

Since you are going to outsource the marketing campaign, you have to know how much control you have on the content that the marketing team will produce. As a general rule, when the agency writes content, creates pages for your website, sets up AdWords campaigns, builds backlinks, and produces videos, the work should be yours to keep forever. Even after the contract has expired, you should not have to start from scratch. Whatever they produced should be for your dental practice alone.

Do you guarantee results?

Any sane dental marketing company will not guarantee results for your dental practice. They can take you through the process of creating the marketing campaign, as well as the pros and cons of the strategy, but they won’t promise or guarantee that this campaign will always work.

What they can assure you is they’ll study your business model and your market to make sure that whatever campaign they build will be created with the purpose of fitting your business’ values and vision.

Do you only work with dentists?

What kind of marketing agency focuses only on dental practices? An agency with a proven track record with other dental practices will make you trust your instinct to hire them. When you talk with the marketing team, ask them why they decided to focus on dental practices and whether you can talk with their past clients. If they have nothing to hide, they should be able to provide you a list of their past clients’ names.