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There are three things that are required from you if your website and dental SEO will rank higher than its competitions in the market. Google cannot be fooled into thinking your website is better when it’s actually not, so you must establish the fact that your website is the source of information about dental practices, dental services, dental procedures, and dental products.

Your Website Has to Be Fast and Coded Correctly

Your website needs to load fast and be responsive across all devices—laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It needs to be coded correctly so search engines such as Google can find, read, index, and rank the pages. Once in a while, you need to clean the codes so it’s easier for Google to index your web pages.

Making a responsive site happens to be the most important factor to rank a website higher on search engines. Check if your own website is responsive, meaning it automatically adjusts to the devices where they are being viewed.

Your Content Should Be Recognized as an Authority

The content on your website should be recognized as the authority not only in your service area but in the whole dental industry. Your content will reach this stage through its quality. This means that the content must use the proper keywords that people search for on Google. It must be informative and it must add value to your reader’s knowledge.

One of the many things you should remember about using content marketing to boost your dental SEO is to regularly post updates. Make it a point to post valuable content—a photo, a link, a video, a blog post—twice to thrice a week. This will ensure that there’s always something going on in your page.

Your Offsite Factors Must Be Optimized

Offsite factors include links from other authoritative sites. This is important in dental SEO because it tells Google and other search engines that your website is being recognized by other authority sites as legitimate. But this means that you must link to other websites, too. You need to return the favor and partner with the website owners/managers for possible collaborations.

This becomes possible when your website is legitimately informative and valuable to the dental industry. Your content must be well-researched and well-written. If not, no websites will want to link back to your site. These two—content and backlinks—must go hand in hand.