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If you want to create an ever-lasting good impression on your dental patients, you must look at what your dental websites are offering. Though you must create detail-oriented content that gives relevant information to your web visitors, this is not the only thing that matters to your potential clients. Credibility is another aspect that you must look into. How credible is your website and how secure does a visitor feel when visiting and browsing through its many pages?

If visitors find it hard to trust your intentions, then they won’t spend another second on your website. They will find a way to leave your site and go to another one where they might feel more secure about their personal information.

Studies have already shown that web users are consistently concerned about the security of their personal information when they visit certain sites… and rightfully so. We have seen too many cases of identity theft and fraud to ever feel safe when browsing websites.

Reviews and testimonials

Your dental websites look more secure and trustworthy when actual people (and not bots) leave testimonials and glowing recommendations and reviews on it. Allow your most loyal customers to have a page dedicated to their positive reviews of your services and products.

Your web visitors will feel that they made the right choice subscribing to your services when they see that other people trust your dental practice as well. You can post a text review or a video testimonial will be better.

Security badges and privacy trust seals

Your site should be protected not only for your clients but for yourself as well. You don’t want to be hacked even if there is no important information stored in your drive. To make sure that your site is secure, you must subscribe to anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-theft software.

These programs will help protect your website from phishing and other unscrupulous activities by hackers on the internet. A security badge posted on the bottom of your screen will help people feel at ease about leaving their information with you.

Detailed privacy policy

Put a link of your detailed privacy policy next to your security badges. If a web visitor is extra careful about leaving his name and contact number when he books an appointment through your website, his fears can be comforted by reading the measures you put in place to make sure his information is safe and secure.