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Dental Patient Marketing: Manage Your Office for Patient Retention Rates

Owning and running a dental practice is not an easy task. A well-managed dental practice will attract patients and retain them. A poorly managed one will lose current patients and will fail to attract new ones. Providing great patient experience will not only improve your dental patient marketing efforts, but it will also gain the […]

Dental Patient Marketing: Why Invest Heavily in User-Generated Content

What do people post about online? Aren’t they talking about the places they visited, the things they bought, the restaurants they tried, and the services they availed? Aren’t they gushing about this new boba tea shop in town or a dentist they recently had an appointment with? People are always talking about products and services. […]

The Features of Your Website Can Improve Your Dental Patient Marketing

A dental website does a lot of things both for the dentist and the patients. There, patients can book appointments and fill up forms. They can check if the dentist accepts their insurance policies, as well as make payments for consultations and procedures. That’s why the features of one’s website can help improve dental patient […]

Dental Patient Marketing: How Patients Look for New Dentists

When people transferred to a new town or in a new city, one of the first things that they look for is a new dentist who they can trust. How can you attract these new patients to your dental clinic? The answer lies in your dental patient marketing strategies. If you can connect and engage […]

Is User-Generated Content Beneficial for Dental Patient Marketing?

Have you noticed that on social media, people love sharing their opinions on just about anything? Did they try a new restaurant? They want to make a review of it. Did they make an appointment with a dentist or a doctor? They will share their experiences on social media. User-generated content is everywhere but if […]

Dental Patient Marketing: 4 Ways to Remind Patients of Appointments

Growing your dental practice is more than just about attracting new patients. It’s also about maintaining the relationships you have with your current patients. The way to interact with your existing patients is just as important as how new patients will learn about your practice. One of the ways to improve your relationships with current […]

Dental Patient Marketing: How to Remarket to Dental Patients

Don’t take your patients for granted. Isn’t that the number one rule in dental patient marketing? Don’t think for a moment that a patient who was impressed with your service will come back to your clinic in a month or two. You never know what happens after the patients get out of your office. They […]

Dental Patient Marketing: How to Make the Most of Your Dental Blog

How do you make the most of your dental blog? Now that you have already started a blog and have written several articles, you must maximize the reach and potentials of your blog. How can you do that effectively and what role does your dental patient marketing play in driving traffic to your blog? Blogging […]

How Surveys Improve Dental Patient Marketing Strategies

The patient satisfaction survey is one of the best ways to improve your dental patient marketing strategies. While there are numerous ways to improve your marketing methods, the survey remains to be the best strategy. These surveys are crucial to understanding what your patients want and what they expect to get from your practice. It […]

How Online Appointment Systems Help Improve Dental Patient Marketing

An online appointment system is essential for the improvement of a dental practice’s dental patient marketing. The convenience offered by this system will compel more patients to request for your services and make appointments with you. Aside from the convenience that this system offers, it will also contribute to the growth of your dental practice. […]