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Have you noticed that on social media, people love sharing their opinions on just about anything? Did they try a new restaurant? They want to make a review of it. Did they make an appointment with a dentist or a doctor? They will share their experiences on social media. User-generated content is everywhere but if you’re not using it for dental patient marketing, then what good would it be for you?

Why do you think it has become easier for customers and patients to share their opinions online? Mainly, it’s because it’s so easy to do so. There are many different platforms available online where they can share what they think about a product or a service. Even your grandparents can share opinions on Facebook because it’s that easy.

User-generated content has become an integral part of dental patient marketing strategies. It gives patients and customers a chance to be heard. They are part of a bigger community that shares opinions about the products and services they have tested. And for brands such as yours, this allows you to respond to feedback and improve on the suggestions they might have about your services.

Audience Reach

In marketing, it’s not just about how many of your market you can reach organically. It’s how many your message can reach via plenty of means—mostly, by sharing content. Instagram said they are in the cusp of one billion active users monthly. These are your patients. These people are involved in making their voices heard and sharing their opinions about the brands and services they have tested.

More than 60% of internet users around the globe have shared or uploaded a video. If they upload something positive about your services, a new group of people will be reached. They will research your services. They will look for your website. They will read the content that you created. There’s a new opportunity to reach new markets.

Once you see good user-generated content about your brand or practice, don’t hesitate to share it with your followers. It’s important they know they’re not alone in thinking that your dental practice is awesome. Knowing that people are talking about you will make them feel like they belong in a community. It’s interesting to note that most of your patients will be more loyal than ever when they realize that they are part of a bigger group of people who believe in your dental practice.

UGC should be a part of your dental patient marketing. You need to find UGC to keep improving your marketing strategies. It will also send the right message across to your patients.