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If this is your first time handling your marketing and your website, you should know that the primary metric that you should be taking a look at is your website conversions. Whether you’re using dental SEO, SMM, or content marketing, all of these work together to make sure that your website and your online presence manages to convert and get you new patients.

No matter the purpose of your website and your business, conversions are the primary goal of all of this. To boost your conversions, one of the most popular methods for this is landing pages. These are single page websites that are thoroughly designed to accomplish one thing, which is to convert.

To make sure that it succeeds, dental SEO will be needed. Read on to find out more about how your SEO works to guarantee the success of your landing pages.

Maximize your website copy

Again, it’s important to note that the primary goal of any landing page is to convert users into sales, or in your case, dental patients. To do this, every single element that appears on the landing page is maximized to convince users to convert into customers.

One of the most important elements in accomplishing this is through your website copy. Make sure that you invest in good site copy to guarantee that when users come upon your landing page, they will be convinced to convert.

Keywords are still essential

You can’t have SEO without keywords, and on landing pages, this still holds very true. As complicated as the process of keyword research can be, these are very essential when designing a landing page because your entire site, including the copy and images, make use of these keywords throughout the entire thing for full optimization. This helps users find your landing page to help them convert.

Learn how to use your keywords

Once you have done the needed research for your dental SEO and are ready to use them in your landing page, it’s important that you know how to use these. The same rules of SEO also apply in your landing pages. Avoid excessive use of keywords in your landing page, as this is considered keyword stuffing and is grounds for website penalization.

You should be using your keywords sparingly and strategically in order to make sure that users find your landing pages organically, especially if you want them to convert to customers. Your keywords must be present in your meta information, such as your meta tags, description, and even the alt-information that is found on your site images and other visual elements.