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Incorporating social media into your dental marketing strategies is something that you should be thinking about doing if you haven’t already done this. However, incorporating social media into your online marketing isn’t something as simple as just signing up for a new account.

You also have to learn about the different social media platforms and which one will work the best with your dental marketing strategies. Read on to learn more about the different social media platforms and how they work.


The Facebook platform has practically become synonymous with social media. This is because Facebook is one of the oldest and most popular social media platforms available today. Its popularity is one of the reasons why it is the go-to for many businesses when it comes to their social media marketing strategies.

The great thing about it is that due to its size, a majority of online users have Facebook, which means there is a huge audience there already. If you choose to use Facebook, you should learn how to use its paid form of advertising to reach a much wider audience with your social media posts.


Another very popular social media platform is Instagram. However, if you’re planning on using this for your marketing, you have to be aware of the demographic and the nature of the posts that are used on this particular platform. Instagram is more on the visuals, which means that you have to invest in quality visual content to make the most out of this particular platform.


The reason why YouTube is now a huge social media platform for online marketers today is because of the fact that video content is one of the most highly sought after forms of content by both online consumers and businesses. Its format makes it easier for users to absorb content at a faster rate and is also a conversion-rich type of content.

If you choose to use this platform, you can invest in quality video content that talks about the importance of certain types of dental services and any dental health tips that you can convey to your audience.


As a dental practice, review platforms like Yelp and Google My Business can do a lot for your dental marketing strategies. This is because in an industry like the dental industry, social proof is a huge factor in what helps convince your target audience to convert. By maintaining your review pages, you provide potential patients a way to determine if your dental practice can help them with all of the dental health needs.